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Privacy Act of Canada – Ensuring you Privacy and Security

Our Commitment to Privacy

Triston Rans and Axiom Mortgage Solutions are committed to protecting the information you provide to us. We understand that you are entrusting us with your personal information and how we use and handle this information can have a great impact on you. As of January 1, 2004 in accordance with Bill 44 – Personal Information Protection Act, Triston Rans and Axiom Mortgage Solutions have put policies in place to ensure the protection and confidentiality of all client information.

Disclosing Information

It is necessary for Triston Rans and Axiom Mortgage Solutions’ mortgage brokers and mortgage consultants to collect personal information from you, our client, in order to successfully help you obtain the mortgage financing you need. Before or during the information collecting process, we will explain to you how we intend to use the information disclosed. The information collected is believed to be accurate and it is up to each individual to verify and check the accuracy of what has been provided. We will only ask for information necessary for the purpose of that transaction, and will use it only for those purposes. Your consent will be requested if we wish to use your information for any other purpose, or require collecting information from other third parties such as credit bureau organizations. Triston Rans and Axiom Mortgage Solutions will maintain the same level of confidentiality and are not permitted to use your information for any purpose other than what is stated, without your consent.

Information Retention

Your information is protected with appropriate security measures and safeguards. We will only keep your personal information for as long as necessary. Your information is available for you to access and review. Please contact Triston Rans for more information at

Information Usage

Triston Rans and Axiom Mortgage Solutions will not, under any circumstance, sell, rent, release, share, or broadcast any of your personal information in whole or in part to any third parties. Your contact information is kept in house, and may be used from time to time to update you with regards to any new promotions, offers or business developments.


Though is updated frequently to reflect changes in the Calgary mortgage arena, it is possible that information on this site may become outdated or inaccurate. In the rare occasion of discrepancy, Triston Rans retains all authority to decide which information is most accurate.

For more information on how Triston Rans and the Government of Canada are working to protect your privacy, please visit the Office of the Privacy Commissionaire of Canada

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