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Refinancing Home Mortgages

Buying a home is an incredibly exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience. Many home buyers put a lot of time and energy into finding the right home, but little to no time into finding the right mortgage. Without even knowing it, many Calgary home owners are throwing away money on high rate mortgages and other high interest rate debts every month. The average home owner is paying 1% more than they have to on their home mortgage loan. Some home owners are paying more than that and could be saving thousands of dollars a year. What would you do with a few extra thousand dollars a year?

As a mortgage professional with an independent mortgage brokerage, I have access to dozens of mortgage lenders across Canada and can find the most competitive mortgage rates Canada to save you money on your new investment. Best of all, my services are free to you. Mortgage refinancing, mortgage renewal and debt consolidation mortgage brokers like myself work to find you the lowest mortgage interest rates in Canada by reviewing many mortgage lenders instead of just one or two.

Mortgage rates go up and down over time, and if you bought your home when Canadian mortgage rates were high you can save more money by transferring your mortgage to a new mortgage lender when Canadian mortgage rates are lower.

Mortgage holders can take further advantage of mortgage debt consolidation and home equity take outs by transferring their mortgage to a mortgage lender with the lowest rates and then taking out more money against their mortgage to pay off other high interest debts.

Leverage Your Home Equity

Homes in Alberta have seen incredible increases in value over the past several years. If you purchased your home in 2005 or earlier you have likely seen your house price increase by 50% or more. Now, what do you do with that extra equity?

Leveraging your home equity with a home equity loan or line of credit can free up your equity to pay down other debts. Credit card debts and other bills accrue interest at rates much higher than most mortgage rates. Borrowing money against your home to pay down these debts can save you thousands of dollars each year.

Debt consolidation saves you money in interest payments. With most creditors and lenders charging interest rates at double, triple or even quadruple most Canadian mortgage rates, it is not surprising that many home owners are consolidating debt by leveraging their home equity and mortgages.

Home owners frequently borrow money against their mortgage to pay down other debts or take a home equity loan or line of credit to invest in vacation property, rental property, leisure, or home renovations. Leveraging your home equity and mortgage brings many possibilities; consulting with the best refinancing and debt consolidation mortgage specialist in Calgary will help you to make the mortgage decision.

Working with Triston Rans will ensure you get mortgage financing advice from an experienced Calgary debt consolidation mortgage specialist. Wise advice can save you money so you can invest in the other joys in life.

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